Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores


Finding a reputable skin care product these days can turn into an odyssey, not to mention a good facial mask that won’t dry out your (already dry) skin. With so many choices in the market today you just don’t know where to look. But believe that it’s possible. I know some of us won’t just try anything without good ratings these days. And because I know the importance of an honest product review, I am writing yet another review here.

In my experience, this charcoal mask by Origins works quite well.

origins charcoal mask

What it claims to do: It’s a mask with activated charcoal to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. White China clay absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities. Good for all skin types.

Does it deliver? Well, Don’t expect a $120-valued facial with this facial mask; it doesn’t do extractions on its own. But it does at least clears the pores. It’s a quick fix! Normally, I apply it on my nose and chin, which are the areas more prone to breakouts. It gets the dirt out and makes it easier for blackheads to be extracted. My skin is also a bit brighter afterwards. So it does get the job done.

Don’t let it overdry, especially if you have sensitive skin, since it may cause irritation. One may still experience a little redness, but it soon goes away. It’s a good one, don’t be afraid to try it!

The Two Faces of My Curly Hair


After seeing my straight hair, some people have asked me what I put on my hair when it is curly. My response: nothing. Well, of course I always condition after shampooing — imagine this hair without any moisture. If I want it to stay “grounded” for a longer period of time, I use mousse. But for the most part, with the exception of conditioner, no chemicals are used to get my hair to curl that way. I use my regular conditioner and rinse it out a bit, or I may use a leave-in conditioner. It depends on how tight or loose I want the curls to be.

Curls before and afterThe before-and-after picture here is from last time I wore my hair curly. I liked the curls AND the straight hair the next day, so I snapped a photo to show how dramatic my hair transformation is — in length and all. I think it’s pretty awesome! I call it “the best of both worlds.” :-)

I say the type of shampoo and conditioner one uses helps a lot. My current shampoo is by Bed Head – Urban Antidotes Resurrection by TIGI and it’s truly amazing. For conditioner, I like Pantene products to curl my hair. I use their Curly: Dry to Moisturized conditioner; it works great.

Can you relate? Does your hair also have two different personalities?

Jungle Queen Lipstick Review


There’s a new orange resident in my purse, and I’m loving it! Jungle Queen: a fabulous moisturizing lipstick with natural oils by Poppy (though this brand is new to me).

Lipstick Jungle

What it is: a semi-sheer, moisturizing formula enriched with nourishing natural oils, protective antioxidant vitamin E that conditions and hydrates the lips. It promises to flatter all skin complexions.

What it does: It definitely moisturizes. It is glossy, so if you prefer the feel and color of matte, this may not be a good pick. I like that the color pops; it’s orange and looks great. What I don’t like is that it smears easily and doesn’t last. :-( But I haven’t tried it with a primer yet, so can’t say I don’t absolutely love it yet! I’ll update this once I do.

Overall, it was a good buy.

Mascara Review: Atomic Volume Ultra Black


By Sephora, this mascara is one that I adore.

utra black mascaraWhat it is: “An innovative tubular brush applicator with a lash-lengthening comb that perfectly separates lashes for a full, sexy flutter.”

Does it deliver? Yes! Although I’m not the biggest fan of the comb — it’s one of those hard bristle combs and poking has happened enough times when in a rush — it does give the lashes more length and fullness. In my experience, though it is not waterproof, this mascara stays put and doesn’t smudge under the eyes. Of course, as long as you’re not walking through a rainstorm. It comes off easily with eye-makeup remover. The texture is not too thick either and the black color looks fantastic on brown eyes. Also fantastic, is the fact that it’s not too expensive!

I don’t know if they carry it anymore in the stores. I’m running out myself and will keep my fingers crossed that they do have it because it’s been that good to my lifeless straight lashes. But overall, I highly recommend this mascara.