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The Curls You Don’t Even Know You Have

When the “right age” to get my hair straightened with a chemical relaxer came, I was beyond excited. At 15, in the 1990’s, many Latinas with curly hair were getting their hair “fixed.” But first, why wait until the girl reaches fifteen? Traditionally, in most Latino countries it means that she has transitioned from being […]

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origins charcoal mask

Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

Finding a reputable skin care product these days can turn into an odyssey, not to mention a good facial mask that won’t dry out your (already dry) skin. With so many choices in the market today you just don’t know where to look. But believe that it’s possible. I know some of us won’t just […]

Simple Summer Hair Styles [Video]

Sharing this video with the SummerHair community. These quick hairstyles are cute, easy and simple enough for anyone. Love what she does with the hat! (I think it’s look # 5) One can never have too many options when it comes to hair!

Curls before and after

The Two Faces of My Curly Hair

After seeing my straight hair, some people have asked me what I put on my hair when it is curly. My response: nothing. Well, of course I always condition after shampooing — imagine this hair without any moisture. If I want it to stay “grounded” for a longer period of time, I use mousse. But […]

Jungle Queen Lipstick Review

There’s a new orange resident in my purse, and I’m loving it! Jungle Queen: a fabulous moisturizing lipstick with natural oils by Poppy (though this brand is new to me). What it is: a semi-sheer, moisturizing formula enriched with nourishing natural oils, protective antioxidant vitamin E that conditions and hydrates the lips. It promises to […]

Lipstick Jungle

utra black mascara

Mascara Review: Atomic Volume Ultra Black

By Sephora, this mascara is one that I adore. What it is: “An innovative tubular brush applicator with a lash-lengthening comb that perfectly separates lashes for a full, sexy flutter.” Does it deliver? Yes! Although I’m not the biggest fan of the comb — it’s one of those hard bristle combs and poking has happened […]

Give Your Hair a “Rest”

Beach season is here once again, and with it comes the need for more attention to our hair care regime. When humidity strikes, it is always a challenge for us, the curly-haired, to keep things under control. The first tools we run to for rescue? Blow-dryer and flat/curling iron. Guilty! Can’t blame a chica for […]

Bouncy Curls

kids weaves

Weaves: From a Kid’s Perspective

I was going for a walk with one of my nieces the other day when she struck a conversation about how she’d “rather be bald than wear fake hair.” She was talking about some of her classmates apparently wearing synthetic hair. My niece is only 12 years old, so I imagine her classmates are all […]

Right Mousse for Defined Curls

Looking for a great mousse? Look no further! I’ve tried some good mousses in the past, but this is the best one yet. Haven’t seen it in stores here in the US (I got mine in Spain), but you might be able to find it online. It ranges from moderate to extra strong hold and […]

schwarzkopf mousse