Good clay facial mask

Argan oil clay mask

Have you ever tried a facial mask that made you go WHOA!?—in a positive way.

Rhassoul Purifiant facial mask is that mask for me.

I know little about it, but last month on my trip to Granada, Spain, my boyfriend and I stopped at a Moroccan shop and got this awesome Argan Oil face cleanser. We use a lot of Argan Oil products and I believe we had used a similar mask before. I just didn’t trust that this one mask would be as great though because it cost only 3€. Yeah, I know; higher prices don’t necessarily equal to better quality. Turns out, there are a lot of Argan trees plantations in Morocco, which borders with Spain, so it might be the reason Argan Oil products are so cheap there.

So I gave the scrub a try and I was very satisfied with the results! First, I wet my face (the clay is very thick) and then proceeded to apply the mask all over. The indications say to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I left it on for an extra 5 (might’ve been 10?) because I had some serious blackheads around my nose to take care of.

Everybody does it differently, but depending on the type of facial masks, I removed it by patting wet cotton pads on my face first, softly scrubbing and wiping off the mask. Then I rinse my  entire face with warm water, pat dry and of course moisturize. The results were amazing!

My skin is usually very dry and sensitive. Any cleanser or scrub I try either irritates it or dries it more. But this mask cleaned my pores very deeply. My skin looked so bright, clean and rejuvenated afterward…really liked it.

So what’s this facial mask made of?

Basically, it is a purifying clay facial mask and scrub with extracts of organic Argan Oil and Orange Blossom. There are several brands in the market but they all may have the same composition. The ingredients on the one I got are water, Moroccan lava clay, glycerin, dehydoacetic acid and benzyl alcohol, Citrus bigaradia oil, argan oil and polysorbate 20. The benzyl alcohol part almost scared me off, but I don’t think it’s a high concentration because it didn’t burn on my skin (that’s usually a way for me to tell). Overall, good stuff.