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Good clay facial mask

Have you ever tried a facial mask that made you go WHOA!?—in a positive way. Rhassoul Purifiant facial mask is that mask for me. I know little about it, but last month on my trip to Granada, Spain, my boyfriend and I stopped at a Moroccan shop and got this awesome Argan Oil face cleanser. We use a lot of Argan Oil products and I believe we had used a similar mask before. I just didn’t trust that this one mask would be as great though because it cost only 3€. Yeah, I know; higher prices don’t necessarily equal to better quality. Turns out, there are a lot of Argan trees plantations in Morocco, which borders with Spain, so it might be the reason Argan Oil products are so cheap there. So I gave the scrub a try and I was very satisfied with the results! First, I wet my […]

Argan oil clay mask