The Story Of a Haircut

What I did with my hair was similar to Britney Spears’ famous instance of head-shaving, but not so close. By the way, who shaves their head just for attention? Whatever her reason, I don’t care. All I know is I wouldn’t even play around with scissors if I had her beautiful hair. There’s an expression in Spanish that says, “La suerte de la fea, la bonita la desea,” which basically means that pretty girls wish they had the luck of ugly girls. I know; it probably still doesn’t make any sense to you. That’s because the explanation goes even beyond beauty in Spanish — it is like a follow-up expression of another expression. Okay, forget about it.

Going back to my own near-head-shaving experience, I can only say that it was not the brightest idea I had ever had about my hair. The year was 2003 and I had just returned from studying abroad in Europe. My friend, who was thankfully my roommate, was the only person doing my hair for the entire time that I was living there. Sometimes she couldn’t, so I had to improvise. I remember being so frustrated over the fact that prices at hair salons there were so extremely cheap, yet hairdressers didn’t know what to do with me.

Anyway, by the time I returned to the U.S., I was sick and tired of my fried hair. I wanted a new color, a new do…a new everything. I just wanted my natural hair to grow out. One night at home, after everyone was sleeping, I decided to end my hair’s life for once and for all, and that’s just what I did.

A new “hairstyle” is born

Waiting until the following day to go to my hair dresser seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t wait, so I grabbed a pair of scissors, held my hair up in a ponytail, and chopped the whole thing off.

My hair was straight that night, so it didn’t look bad at all after I cut it. In fact, it looked as if I had just gotten a professional haircut. I was so happy with the results of my new home-made haircut.

The next day, washing it in the shower was so easy. It was like nothing I had experienced before: short hair. My natural hair color and curls were out. I was very happy with my decision…until it dried out and a small Afro popped up!

I didn’t know how to manage short curly hair. A load of gel and conditioner became my best friends. I tried blow-drying it myself and it didn’t work. Thinking back, I know now that I just had the wrong hair dryer…and the wrong cut.

After all failed, I finally paid a visit to my hair dresser. Her facial expression when she saw me was priceless. I think she laughed for hours. In fact, that lady still laughs about it today. It was an awful cut. I have said many times that I would never do that again, but when your hair can be so frustrating, you never know.